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About Me


About Me!

I'm a wife and mommy to two amazing kiddos and an amazing step-son and they are my whole world! I started in network marketing when my sister introduced me back at the ripe age of 17 years and 11 months! She was ready for me to join her team the second I turned 18...and for all the wrong reasons...I did! Fast forward 3 companies, LOTS of trial and error, lost friends, several "real job" career moves and 14 years of experience later I now find myself more fulfilled than I EVER thought I could have imagined in a company that I LOVE and can never see veering from! But what changed? What was so unique about this company? That seems like the right question doesn't it? It's not! What changed was within ME, within my WHY and within my HOW! I'm passionate about sharing this with everyone that will listen...starting right now....with you! Are you ready for massive passion and success? Let's get started!


Passionate About Helping Others Transform Their Lives!

If I can you! My road was far from paved! When I began this journey to financial freedom through Direct Sales we were living paycheck to paycheck and sometimes without one! One day I decided I had ENOUGH of walking into food pantries, of being a victim of society, of having to chose which bills would get paid ..... I took massive action! I wanted family vacations that we could afford and enjoy! I wanted to be able to say I was debt free! I wanted to become a home owner one day!!! I was ready!! I succeeded!! And now, it's time to show others they can too and with simple systems like empow{HER}hour to boot!!


Thank You!

Thank you for visiting my website! I can't wait to get to know you better and hear how you're loving the empow{HER}hour follow up system and tips on my Facebook Group!!

Rachael Lujbli

Direct Sales Pro